One of the most helpful tools that I have used in my journey to food freedom and positive body image is journaling. For me and many of my clients it is a true game changer...

Journaling helps us express our emotions. Writing helps us validate emotions instead of leaving them unexpressed and stored in our bodies. When we validate our emotions it allows us to process them and reduce their intensity. If we just keep avoiding our emotions and use food to supress them, they will keep piling up and become harder and harder to handle. Moreover, the root cause is never being addressed. 

Journaling can help you identify the stories you tell yourself about your body that are affecting your life. decisions and how you feel about yourself. It allows you to work through them and reframe them. Included worksheets will guide you on your journey towards self-love and self-confidence.

Journal Prompts & Workshets


Want to overcome emotional eating

Improve your body image

Reconnect to yourself

Start a self-love journey

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What's included:

Journal prompts to use in the moments when you feel urges to eat

They will help you understand what exactly is happening and can even stop you from emotional eating completely.

Journal prompts to dig deeper into emotional eating

You'll find out more about why you choose food, which emotions are triggering your eating, how your childhood experiences might have affected your habits

Food Rules Worksheet

Will help you find out how previous approaches to nutrition affected your relationship with food

Story Of Your Body Worksheet

Will take you on a journey exploring the stories about your body that are holding you back and help you see if they are facts or opinions

Body Image Journal Prompts

Will help you focus on all the positive there is about your body, what your body can do for you and how it's always there for you.

Confidence Building Worksheet

You will build a strategy to feel more confident in daily situations.

Body Image Mantras

Pick and/or create powerful mantras that will make you feel empowered.


You are also getting guideline how to journal including tips to make it easier and most effective.

If you want to try journaling but not exaclty sure HOW to do it, this is perfect for you!

You will get a fillable 40 pages PDF that you can take with you anywhere

In the Journaling Prompts I'm sharing with you my know-how that already helped many women!

"I was ashamed of the things I was doing and of my body as well and also scared to talk about it. I decided to start coaching because I wanted to take care of myself and end the misery I was at. My biggest results are food freedom, not feeling guilty after eating certain type of food, enjoying life and trips, gaining confidence, success in other areas of life, loosing weight without starving and overexercising. I can learn new things instead of constantly thinking about food. I can survive without having breakfast first thing in the morning. I know that don’t have to be skinny to be lovable."
Marketa1:1 Coaching Client

Journal Prompts & Workshets


Overcome emotional eating

Improve your body image

Reconnect to yourself

Start a self-love journey

$35  $17